Kenoli Farms is a family owned business located in Northwestern Missouri since 2008. We raise Katahdin Sheep for market and we offer a wide range of farm services as well.

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We are big fans of the Katahdin Sheep Breed. We raise our sheep mainly on grass consisting of Tall Fescue, Red Clover, and Brome. During the winter months and to provide a little extra energy to breeding ewes, we like to supplement the grass with a small percentage of barley and oats. We avoid using corn. We believe our feed program helps to produce a mild and delicate flavor of our lamb products. We are delighted to partner with at Home Grown Cow and we welcome you as part of our family. We feel with Home Grown Cow, you can now to order our lamb products with confidence. The consistent flavor, leanness, and tenderness of our lamb is great alternative to beef and pork. 

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  1. Minimum order of $75 and 25.0 lbs
  2. Will ship items up to 100.0 miles away
  3. Will deliver locally up to 60 miles away with a minimum fee of $15.00
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